Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello world!

Wow! first entry of our blog. *smangat

well well well, ide mau bikin blog ini sebenernya udh lama. Tapi awalnya mau bikin blog pribadi buat gw, tp sekarang jadi punya berdua (unofficially berdua sih, krn paling juga cuma gw yg nulis, huahahahahak). Yah anggeplah ini blog punya berdua, gw & sang pacar, uups I mean calon suami (bs ngamuk dia kalo baca, gw nulisnya 'pacar' --"), krn isi dr blog ini bakalan seputar cerita kita berdua. Why? Because we're so amazed that we've gone this far together. Moments.. yah we call it moments. The precious one. And we're so thrilled to share our moments with the world! (lebay, but it's true!)

I think it's enough ya, for my first entry, I wanted to make it short and simple. so, there it is. ;D

*our photo :p

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